Company Profile: O’verlays

Ikea is a foundation in the design world. It has taken many people through university years and into their first homes. Thanks to two creative women the world of Ikea furniture will never be the same.

Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick created a company called O’verlays the company makes amazing and beautiful add ons to several ikea pieces. These add ons completely transform the looks of ordinary ikea pieces. They simply get adhered to your ikea piece, they are long lasting, durable and even paintable. Have I mentioned they are completely affordable as well!!!!??

Their website makes shopping easy as you can shop by piece or by style. Shopping by piece makes the decisions much quicker and easier.




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Being Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore bought and sold her New York late 1800’s West Village townhousejm

Want to get that look? Check this out!!


Lounge Chair, 1st Dibbs

Persian Carpet….0…1ac.1.24.img..1.20.1742.NroWo683ziA&q=persian%20carpet#bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=409ec17b468d1ab4&hl=en&q=asolut+carpets+persian&sa=1&tbm=isch&facrc=_&imgdii=_&

Wall Paint Colour: Benjamin Moore- Dior Grey


Desk Chair

Overhead Lighting

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Long Weekend Boredom

So it’s the last long weekend before school starts. Summer has ended so let’s have fun indoors.
Here are some easy home project ideas.

1. Paint a wall!


2. Paint a door!


3. Decorate the bottom of your ceiling fan.


4. Create a centre piece for your table


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Profile: Urban Electric Company

If you are not already familiar with Urban Electric Company you will be after this blog. As a relatively young company (celebrating 10 years) they have everything together. Their lighting products hold lifetime warranties and are made by hand by craftsmen who understand the importance of lighting.

Their website is probably the most organized website I have seen in the lighting industry. With amazing downloadable images of their complete collection as well as one page spec sheets for designers. They offer quick ship products as well which is so beneficial to any designer. The site also has CAD blocks available for download for designers to insert into design drawings.

I am more than in love with this company for many reasons including their customization program where anything is possible. Colours, finishes and styles all up to your imagination. Their work is absolutely amazing.


urban electric 1


urban electric 2

urban electric 3

urban electric 4


If you are interested in learning more check out their website. Unfortunately their products are only available to designers but can be purchased through The Future of Vintage design department.

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5 Inspiring Design Blogs

There are so many creative and inspiring people on the World Wide Web! Love these sites/blogs…make sure to follow!

1. She Knows
She Knows is such a great site for all different kinds of information from Parenting to DIY home decor. The folks behind this site work hard to produce current and beneficial information on numerous topics.


2.Melissa Michaels- The Inspired Room
The Inspired Room is a definite subscribe! I love the sites look as well as the amazing material geared to anyone willing to read! You really don’t need to be any type of Martha Stewart, Melissa successfully breaks down projects making them easy. I also LOVE Jack the Goldendoodle- that’s the animal lover in me!!

The Inspired Room

3.Diane Henkler- In My Own Style
Filled with great ideas on home decor and lifestyle! Diane breaks it down quite simply which makes reading easy. A definite go to!!
In My Own Style

4.Shelley and Carson Smith- The House of Smiths
An amazing creative family the Smiths have kept track of their amazing projects and ideas behind the creation of their new family home. We love it!!

The House of Smiths

5. Erin Souder- House of Earnest
A great blog on home decor, DIY and party ideas. Erin tells it all!! Love the clarity of the site as it makes navigating through the amazing material simple!

House of Earnest

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Being Drew Barrymore

drew barrymoreFrom a tour inside actress Drew Barrymore’s Montecito, California family home its easy to get this look, check out below.


Upholstered Chair and Sofa From Lee Industries

Table Lamp from Horchow

Carpet from Rugs USA

Ottoman from Ballard Designs

Bench From Ballard Designs

Side Table: From Horchow

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Check, Check, 1, 2

There are so many different materials and options when it comes to flooring. When we look at laying down wood, stone or tile many people chose to go with pattern. Whether you are traditionally inclined to chose parquet, chevron or herringbone one of the simplest and biggest impact (in my mind) comes from the checkered floor.

We can see through traditional paintings that the design trend of the checkerboard floors appeared in about the 15th-Century. Although the root of the checkerboard pattern predates this by thousands of years, the flooring style never seemed to go out of style. In the late 1680s Louis XIV and his architect Charles Le Brun decided on black-and-white checkerboard floors for the ground of the Queen’s staircase at Versailles.

Since then some people correlate the black-and-white checkerboard floor to french inspired design. We must admit checkerboard floors with french antique furnishings always turn out stunning, today the checkerboard floor has gone way more transitional and almost modern. Here are some examples.

floor 4 floor 2 floor pic 1 floor 5 floor 6

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